Artist Statement

My work ultimately seeks to explore the relationship between the world we can measure and the world we can feel. Through the use of technology, my artistic practice seeks to enable people to perceive their environment in ways that extend their natural senses while better understanding how the technology we've created senses us. Drawing upon both organic systems and algorithmic processes, I work to create immersive environments, attempting to replicate the vast complexity of the analog and digital worlds through the use of physical, sonic, and visual space. On a macro level, my work is enamored by stasis; creating slowly moving massive structures that change on a minimally perceptible level when examined at a short time scale. However, on the micro-level, these structures are the aggregate result of a constantly evolving torrent of information, guiding, through collective action, the transformation of the meta-structures we experience. This juxtaposition of the passive with the active seeks to encapsulate the contradictory nature of our relationship to our environment, simultaneously capturing the rapidly mutable nature of the digital world with the unhurried pace of the natural world from which we evolved.